This is a land of Bach and Mendelssohn, Wagner and Goethe, Robert Schumann and Johann Böttger. This is also the land and its people who played a huge role in bringing about the fall of Communism, when tens of thousands of people took to the streets to protest in Leipzig. A unique cultural landscape exists in the very heart of Europe. East and West meet here.

Europe is coming together here. Nature and culture grow here in perfect communion. It is a long story. A historical past. An exciting present and an interesting future. This is Germany, situated at the very heart of Europe. The time is now to travel to the Cultural Capital of Germany and experience this beautiful and historic country in all its splendor. It is Saxony, State of the Arts.

Experience the majestic beauty of castles and palaces, explore fascinating museums, or delve into the music of some of the most famous German composers. Explore the wine and beer festivals and visit the home of the discovery of Nutcracker! Germany's landscapes offer a wealth of options for an unforgettable holiday: long sandy beaches on the coasts and lake shores, enchanting lowland plains, extensive ranges of hills and the high peaks of Saxon Switzerland. Whether you choose leisurely exploration, a spa or wellness break, or a sports activity, you'll be amazed at what Germany's natural landscapes have to offer.

Do you know where the largest number of steam trains are in Germany? The first German steam engine was also built here and operated on Germany’s first long-distance track between Dresden and Leipzig.

Did you know that Germany boasts 27 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The 20-kilometer-long Elbe river valley snakes from the southeast to the northwest fringes of Dresden, encompasses a rich ensemble of ornate royal residences, historic architectural monuments as well as swaths of natural reserves and river landscapes.

Did you know that there is a small Slavic minority in Germany? The Sorbs have preserved their languages and traditions for centuries in Lusatia. There are about 40,000 Catholic Sorbs who speak Upper Sorbian, which is related to Czech.

Driving in Germany is a delightful experience too. So, why not take the opportunity to explore Germany on the autobahn! This is where there are "real“ roads, and "real“ cars! There is a good possibility that your car might even originate in Germany!

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